Novak Manojlovic (Piano, Synths & Effects) // Max Alduca (Double Bass) //
Sam Gill (Saxophones & Percussion) // Phillippa Murphy-Haste (Clarinet & Viola) // Nick Calligeros (Trumpet & Samples) //  Holly Conner (Drums & Percussion/Samples)

“This is music filled with light” - The Music Trust 

Microfiche are one of the most creative and  boundary-pushing improvising acts to emerge from the Australian jazz and new music scene in recent years.  Since forming in 2015, Microfiche’s six individual members have become some of Australia’s most sought after and esteemed musicians, and collectively Microfiche has developed a recognisable musical language and telepathy all their own. 

Known for their intimate, conceptually adventurous, emotive, and carefully constructed live performances; Microfiche thrives on contrast: from intricate and textural ‘miniatures’ less than a minute long to extended durational works; the ensemble blurs what is improvised and what is composed.  The ensemble invites the listener into spaces of meditative stillness; broad soundscapes; and slow, evolving loops; yet does not shy away from tight and rhythmic ensemble playing, highly melodic sections, and strong cathartic resolutions.

★★★★★ - “The whole ensemble come together to create a lush, slightly tense sonic landscape that could be the closing credits to a film...the overall effect is spellbinding" - Hugh Robertson, Limelight Magazine-

The group has released two full length albums - “Everything and Other Infinities” (2021) (to critical acclaim from Australian media), “Microfiche” (2016); as well as several live EPs.  Microfiche will be in the studio April 2024 to record their third album, incorporating new electro-acoustic directions, with Tim Witten (The Necks), to be released prior to touring in October 2024.

★★★★★ - “The recording may well become a reference for the future up and coming generations of this country’s free jazz to utilise. It’s an ensemble to be admired and eagerly consumed.” - Barry O'Sullivan, Dingo Australian Jazz Journal

Microfiche have performed across Sydney sharing bills with  B05N (Aus jazz legends Phil Slater, Simon Barker, Matt McMahon), Tangents, and Roger Dean;  toured Australia (10-date national tour incl. JOLT Arts Melbourne, Ainslie & Gorman Arts Canberra, MONA Tasmania & COMA Adelaide), toured in Europe (2019, incl. Copenhagen Jazz Festival, at RN1 decommissioned Nuclear Reactor Stockholm, and at KM28 supported by SPILL - Magda Mayas and Tony Buck).

The group has collaborated on theatre works with dancers and performers, and performed across Sydney in jazz clubs, warehouse spaces, theatres, at festivals and special events (The Powerhouse Museum, Phoenix’s STRATA Festival, the nowNOW, and SIMA’s International Women's Festival’).

Dedicated grassroots and DIY concert organisers, Microfiche masterminded a month-long residency and community events at Sydney arts institution 107 projects (2021). Australian artists across art-music, jazz, electro-acoustic music and folk-rock were invited to perform collaborative sets with Microfiche. Microfiche performed with Chris Abrahams (The Necks), Sia Ahmad (No Gold Label), Phil Slater, and Bonnie Stewart (Bonniesongs).

Microfiche’s individual members represent the cutting-edge of Sydney’s contemporary instrumental music scene - two members have received The Freedman Jazz Fellowship, one of the most prestigious fellowships for jazz/improvised music in Australia -  and two others have also been finalists in this same nation-wide award for emerging Australian artists.

★★★★ - “This music comes from highly original minds, with all nine pieces containing compulsive narratives and unique sound worlds…” -
John Shand, Sydney Morning Herald


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